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Canadian Filmmakers

Stephen Gray

Director, Producer

Chris Radtke

Chris Radtke

Director, Producer

Harrowing Storytelling"

Canadian filmmakers tell the harrowing near-death experience story. In 1969, Captain Dale Black along with two other pilots died in a non-survivable airplane crash in Burbank, California as covered by the LA Times.

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Canadian Filmmakers New Documentary

What happens when we die? It's a question that everyone ponders at least once. Winnipeg filmmakers Stephen Gray and Chris Radtke joined us on Global News to discuss their upcoming documentary, Discovering Heaven that follows people who clinically died and later came back to life.

Adriana Zhang
Global News

Manitoba filmmakers receive Webby nomination

When they first started on Discovering Heaven, co-producers Stephen Gray and Chris Radtke knew they had found a special story to tell. What they didn't realize, however, was just how far their film would reach.

Libby Giesbrecht

Chilling and Inspirational Storytelling

The Portal Of The Folded Wings is a beautifully erected memorial to aviation pilots who have since passed. If you haven’t taken the time to visit Burbank’s Valhalla Cemetery and this stunning structure, you should. Discovering Heaven taps into the broader idea that the human experience is not as quantifiable and rational as we try to make it out to be. No matter your faith, this is a must see experience.

Jessica Cribbs
Burbank Mom